beit hashem

In 2007, my friend Rabbi Yitzhak Ben-Gera and I felt called to help solve a long-time social dilemma we witnessed in Israel. As in the United States, there are at-risk young people. Translated from Hebrew, Beit Hashem means God’s Home. We exist to help young men find their life passions, purposes and heal their pain.

Beit Hashem holds a special place in my heart as the place I found healing from years of pain and trauma and also discovered my calling to help mend people’s relationships with self, family, and society. As a co-founder, I started coaching young men in 2007.  

A place of hope, healing, and restoration in Israel

my story

Though the cause is unfamiliar to most in the United States, the same consequences ensue when young people don’t feel loved, respected, or understood. As a result, these young men take to life on the streets, engage in drug use, and begin searching for significance, only to turn up more trouble. 

Different Yet the Same

Beit Hashem provides a safe space for young men ages 12-17 to move from living lost to living in harmony with their faith, dreams, and families. Our young men are mentored and shown how to balance a relationship with God, the desires of their hearts, and a vocation to change the trajectory of their lives. 

enter hope

Create Generational change.

Model God’s deep and transformative love.

Provide vocational programs.

Offer arts programs such as cinematography, music, and performing arts.

Give coaching and mentorship for healing and life skills.

Reintegrate young people back into their families and societies. 

Provide ongoing support at Beit Yosef for young men ages 18-22.

When you partner with us, you help Beit Hashem:

Over time, Dimitri discovered that I had more talent when it came to business systems, operations, and business growth strategies from my previous careers that he asked me to become a partner & COO in the company.



Now, I help our coaching clients create an automated coaching process that helps their clients get massive results while they get to work less AND make a bigger impact. I help people utilizing psychology and human behavior to create coaching systems and processes that help their clients get results while they can focus on business growth and sustainability. 



Our clients are now closing larger deals (without closing deals prior), having more self-belief, and able to create sustainable systems so their business is around for the inevitable future. 



The lives of thousands of young men have been changed through our programs, and we want to affect thousands more.

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