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do you remember?

I’m sure you can think back to the day you first met your spouse. There was a magnetic bond, a palpable attraction, and an excitement that carried through to your wedding day. As you accomplished your firsts together- your first home, first careers, and the start of your family, you felt excited and lucky to have your partner by your side. 

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Enter Life

Compound the relationship with the job demands, kids’ schedules, financial responsibility, and community commitments, and seemingly overnight, you got stuck in a relationship rut- less excitement, no variety, poor intimacy or none at all, and frequent miscommunication. You probably feel you’ve done the best you know how to juggle all your roles, but something is missing in your relationship that you can’t seem to find.

When did life get so complicated and the spark get snuffed out? You might wonder what changed in your relationship that shifted feelings from crazy about each other to driving each other crazy.

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read that again


do any of these statements resonate?

He doesn’t understand my emotions.

He prioritizes other things over me.

He doesn’t understand the intimacy I crave.

I wish he’d make plans for us and try to be romantic.

He doesn’t listen or pay attention to me. 


Nothing I do is right.

She expects me to be a mind-reader.

She nags me about insignificant details.

She used to be more fun & physically attracted to me. 

I wish she’d tell me she’d accept me as I am and stop trying to change or control me.


Coupled with these thoughts you may have are probably other ideas you’ve heard people say...

“It’s normal for passion to fade with time.”

“There’s no true right person for anyone.”

The problem with all these statements is they are simply untrue. 
The pain of disconnect from your partner can be so isolating, overwhelming, and complex that we believe these untruths, so we can salve what hurts. 

The problem isn’t you or your partner. It’s your perspective. 


About My Philosophy

God created marriage to be a joyful, passionate, exciting lifelong commitment to one another. It is meant to grow deeper and stronger,  and anyone can learn a powerful tool I equip partners with— the Love & Harmony Formula. When you apply this formula to your relationship, it will certainly reignite the passion you once shared and prepare you both for the exciting journey ahead.

Because of our innate differences, women and men are biologically, physically, and spiritually wired very differently. These differences are meant to drive magnetism and create a balance of feminine and masculine energies.

When you can begin to look inward for alignment instead of outward for blame, you’ll start showing up as the best version of yourself, which will bring out the best in your partner. 


I am a life coach who has worked with hundreds of people just like you going through relationship troubles and feeling like you’re feeling now— at the end of your rope, hopeless, and discouraged.

But before I was a life coach, I was you. I was a hard-working husband and father. I thought I was winning at marriage, until one day, my wife suggested we needed to seek counsel. I was shocked but realized that while I was showing up for my marriage and kids by the measure of achievements and transactions, I was not showing up in how my wife needed me to feel present and alive together. 

Through our journey back to joy, I learned that relationship skills could be learned. Transformational truths changed my life and our marriage. And you, too, can apply these tools to your relationship. They will certainly reignite the passion you once shared and prepare you both for the exciting journey ahead. 

Allow me to introduce myself.

Call me zooky



Before working with Isaac, my husband and I were working separately in our own worlds, without enough connection or communication and hung up on past mistakes that were made in our relationship. With Isaac’s help, we have really learned to embrace the present & live in the moment, communicate better, and put our relationship first.

Barbara C.

Working with Issac has helped me become more aware of how to manage relationships and be sensitive to the feelings of others. I’ve learned to take myself out of my own feelings and be open-minded.

david b.

We felt lost until we met Zooky. He opened up our eyes to an otherwise emotionally-fueled relationship. Zooky’s expertise & knowledge in relationship and marriage guided both of us to understand that most of our arguments and fights were a huge gap in understanding the other's perspective. He was so patient in teaching us how different we both are in so many ways, we now appreciate those differences. We couldn't be happier.

JAck b.

Our marriage was a mess, it just wasn’t sustainable, we were at each other's throats. We were this close to a divorce. Luckily for us, our friends recommended Isaac . After signing up for his 3 month program we got to work right away. We couldn't believe the results, after only two sessions we were starting to fight less and actually get through a conversation. I know it's cheesy, but Isaac reminded us just how much we really loved each other and now nothing will stop us from making the other number one in our lives. If you're feeling like you're ready to call it quits on your marriage, call Isaac now!


Isaac was so easy to work with! He actually got my husband and I to communicate effectively and resolve our differences. I couldn’t have ever seen myself using a relationship and marriage coach. It's not what you think, it's not therapy at all, Isaac teaches you about the differences between men and women, how we communicate differently, receive appreciation differently and how to make our relationship so playful. I feel like I have just graduated from the university of marriage, Thank you Isaac.

Jacklyn S.

How We Can Work Together

Join an impactful seminar. I also travel to locations for groups and speaking opportunities. 

We will work together in a safe and supportive community.

I provide in-person and video coaching.

Individual and Couples Coaching

Amazing relationships don’t just happen. We must create them intentionally. 

Small-Group Coaching

Attend a Seminar

If you are unsure which option is best for you or would like to discuss your situation, I am happy to set up a complimentary 20-minute discovery call. 
Let’s set your feet on the right relationship path.